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May 22, 2017

Why “I want to fuck you” sets women off!

As of late, I have been reactivating my dating profiles on sites like SLS, AFF and a few others I’ve had for years.  NOT because I am looking to date… lol the rumor mills would love to hear that.  I have been promoting my profiles and events and in the midst of my promotions I have been utterly disgusted with how men think that “I want to fuck you” is a compliment!

The comment implies so many things.  Maybe you think I am easy because I am plus sized or perhaps being on the site alone implies I am willing to fuck anyone who hits me up as if having a choice isn’t a viable option.  Whatever you may think, “I want to fuck you” is NOT considered a compliment.

Perhaps my confidence is off putting as I assume EVERY man wants to fuck me.  Men are inferior beings powered and motivated by sex.  Why would I assume otherwise?  So you TELLING me the obvious does nothing but completely turn me off and shut you down immediately.

Try OTHER approaches, use some mystery and create an interest before diving right into the obvious.  I am beginning to believe that all the men on these sites are just thirst buckets that think that women are too dumb to figure out what your intentions are or simply desperate enough to fall for anything you say for attention.

Nothing you get too easily is worth keeping or having… just saying!!

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