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May 1, 2015

Would you date a man who is BISEXUAL or likes TRANSGENDER?

As of late, I seem to be meeting more men that are into alternative lifestyles who admit to having bisexual affairs and attractions to transgenders.  One guy is probably straight up gay… but wasn’t honest about his sexuality and I have NO idea what he wanted with me.

Today I had a conversation with a guy from a dating site that admitted he likes transgenders.  I asked him if he had sex with them and he openly answered yes.  I am not judging, but question whether or not that is something I could handle in a relationship or potential sexual situation.

I appreciate the honesty, since the other guy wasn’t honest AT ALL but left a lot of clues that definitely screamed that he was batting for the other team.  So how do I feel about this?  I have never really taken the time to really think about it and decide of this is something I am ok with.

-=============== To be continued ============- 

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