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February 24, 2012

Your boss is MY bitch

He called me from work one day, extremely pissed off and bothered by some things his boss demanded he do before he left work today. He knew I was home waiting on him to get off, we had special plans for the evening. He said he had about 30 minutes left before he was ready to clock out and go, and she comes rushing in his office demanding that he take on an extra project and wanted it done by the following morning. This meant staying at work an extra couple of hours and virtually sending me into a rage.

Luckily for him, I have been meditating and taking on more healthy approaches to life’s curve balls and not letting situations like this stress me out as much. As we sat on the phone, and I can hear the frustration in his voice… I ask him to tell me, “What do you want me to do about this?” He seemed confused by my question. So I asked again, “You are telling me and I want to help you so tell me dear, if you could imagine ANY kind of thing to happen right now what would it be?” I would be shocked by his answer.
I anticipated him to say something involving a little violence, maybe even have me smack her around a bit and yell at her. She can be very prissy and judgemental at times and that drives him insance. But he paused, and responds “Are you SURE you want me to answer this question?” I laughed, and encouraged him to share with me.
“I want you to come to my office right now, dressed and ready to go. She is in her office probably on Amazon shopping or something pretending that she is doing what she wants ME to do. You come to my office, step off the elevator and walk directly into her office. At this point I don’t even know you are here yet, until I hear her office door slam. Curious I step out into the hallway, and hear someone reading her rights and going off on her. The voice sounds vaguely familiar so I get closer to see if I can tell who it is. A big smile hits my face when all of a sudden I recognize the voice only to find out it’s YOU. You are telling her how much she tries so hard to keep me in the office and that you are aware she has a thing for me.”
I am sitting on the phone with my jaw competely on the floor. He continues on.
“I listen as long as I can until it seems evident that you are going to come get me, instead my phone starts to ring and I run back to my office to answer it. You are on the line, and you forcefully demand I come to her office. At the very moment I am thrilled and terrified at the same time. I start to head to the office where I open the door and find my boss gagged and tied to her chair. Oddly, she isn’t struggling and her panties have been removed. You instruct me to remove my pants and begin giving me the best blow job you’ve given me in a long time, and I am beyond rock hard from the excitement of the situation. You stop for a moment and lead me closer to my boss, who is still tied to her chair, bound and gagged. With one hand you hold my cock in your mouth and start sucking me off again, with the other hand playing with her pussy. As she starts to moan, and enjoy you playing with her pussy, you stop and yell at her “Oh hell no, you know you want my man… and that’s why you try to keep him here til all hours of the night!!! SO cumming is NOT an option for you!!” and you start fucking me hardcore in front of her. I am so turned on, I pound your pussy a good 10 minutes and from the adrenalin rushing on top of you being in full control, I tell you I am about to cum and you stop fucking me. You demand I cum on her face as she sits on the floor still bound and you remove the gag from her mouth as I cum all over her face. She has yet to scream, or show any discontent for what is going on, almost like she knew she deserved it or maybe she just enjoyed it. You kiss me, and then kneel down to her and say, “Now, my man is coming with me. Whatever needs to be done YOU can do… and if you EVER threaten him I will tell a MUCH different story that will make this look like sexual harrassment on your part so tighten up, clean up and get to work, you hear me Bitch?”
I hung up and drove to his job. ~!To be continued.

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